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4 years ago we asked ourselves a question. Is it possible to get raw fresh milk like how we use to get a few decades ago? The outcome of this question is Paal dairy products. We four friends joined to explore the possibilities. We realized that there were only two sources of milk that one normal household can get. One is the pasteurized packet milk and the other is from a local cycle wala. We all know the amount of adulteration that is happening to the milk that we consume daily through this industry in the name of standardization.

We decided to uninvent the wheel. We wanted to go back to the good old days of getting milk from your neighborhood farm. We wanted to create a community-driven dairy farm and sell milk directly from our farm to our customer community without any third party involved within a few hours of milking.

What we don’t do?

We are not into producing organic milk or desi milk or A2 milk. Some of our leads often have this question. We focus on solving the adulteration problem in this milk industry by providing fresh milk untouched directly from our farm to your doorstep.

What is our specialty?

We are humbled to call our milk an absolutely unspecial milk. We feel that is our specialty and that is what we are striving to do. In our industry, the benefits of the milk are primarily judged by the shelf life of the milk & consistency in thickness or in the other extreme of the milk being organic and A2. Sincerely we don’t want to call our milk organic or A2 just to justify the cost or manufacture a high-quality milk by adding preservatives and vegetable fats to improve the shelf life and thickness respectively. Our milk is a super simple milk given by the cows and served as it should be to you directly. We want to provide a very personalized and very close milk buying experience for our customers. That is why we consider customer visits to our farm is a very important and integral part of building a community-driven dairy farm model.

What other products we do?

We also have a line of products like Paal made Paneer, Curd, Condensed milk, Ghee and Buttermilk. All the products are made from our Kitchen without any added preservatives. At the moment these products are open exclusively for our paal customers.

Where all do we supply?

We currently cover areas like Pappanaicken Palayam, Race Course, Peelamedu, Saibaba Colony, Ramanathapuram, Singanallur, Ganapathy and Saravanampatty.

Very few have the privilege of consuming the milk from their own cow. For the rest, we want to supply Paal.

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