Raw Milk VS Processed Milk

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Before it reaches us, the milk we usually get undergoes many processing processes like Pasteurisation, Homogenisation, centrifugal separation, ultrafiltration, etc. But what’s the big difference between consuming fresh raw milk and processed milk? 

Fresh Produce vs Manufactured:

Raw milk is a fresh product that you get directly from the farm to your table. But the processed milk undergoes various processes which break the basic structure of the milk. The milk loses the beneficial bacteria, enzymes, Vitamins etc., which are essential for us.

In fresh raw milk, nothing is added or taken from it. In processed milk, the fat is separated from the milk and then mixed later to meet the standards. Fresh milk contains full fat which will rise to the top when boiled.

Hyperlocal vs Centralized:

The fresh raw milk comes from the farm you know and can visit to see the source. But with processed milk, you will never know the source of production. Milk is procured from multiple sources and sent to the centralized factory where it undergoes various processing. 

With raw fresh milk, a local farmer can directly sell to the customer and increase his profits whereas in a centralized model he has to rely on society for selling his milk. Buying raw fresh milk will help the local farmers to improve their lifestyles.

By products vs No By products:

The fresh raw milk comes with full fat. Every day you can collect the cream from it to make your own homemade Curd, butter, and ghee. In this process, you will also get healthy buttermilk which is full of calcium and proteins. While in the processed milk you hardly get any cream. So making homemade butter or ghee is impossible with the processed milk.

One of the most important by-products is the taste of the milk. Once you consume the fresh raw milk you can never accept the flat taste of the processed milk. Even the taste of the secondary products made using fresh milk will beat the taste of the secondary products made using the processed milk any day.

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Before a few years ago, we did not have a choice of getting fresh milk daily as it was not easily available in the market. Now that so many small farms have started to connect with customers directly, you now have a healthy and tasty choice to make. All you have to do is test and taste the different vendors and finalize a reliable

AnilRaw Milk VS Processed Milk

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