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Trust and relationship is always a work in progress

For the first time ever you get to have a continuous direct personal customer support team for Milk. We are committed to a long term relationship with our customers. Apart from other lab tests, Paal is peer reviewed for quality every day by our customers. We work directly with them and rectify any issues they have.

Producing and distributing milk is a lot of hard work. But these kind words keep us going.

Our Promise

We love cows as much as they love their calves. We stay biased towards their well-being, more than anything else.

Healthy Cows

We provide our cows healthy food. No steroids or harming the cow for high milk yield.

Feeding the Calves

We deeply believe the milk we get from the cows are for the calves. So we feed the calves as much as they need for their body weight.

Milked & Packaged Hygienically

We ensure that the whole milking and packaging process doesn’t affect the cows and people.Hygiene will be a top priority.

Fuss-free Delivery

The milk which is fresh and untouched will be delivered to your doorsteps on time every day.

100% Natural unprocessed milk

Recommended for 1+ Yrs Babies

High quality full fat milk


Getting Fresh Raw Milk has to be affordable too. Supplying fresh raw milk comes with its own cost and we want to keep it as low as possible and as close to the usual synthetic milk that comes in pouches.

Please choose one which is suitable for your lifestyle and needs and rest assured for the freshest milk of Coimbatore.





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Free doorstep delivery

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Note : Subscriptions are taken on monthly or yearly basis

Get 100% control with completely digital transactions

Pause or change your subscription as you wish in just a few clicks in our paal app.

Pause: Going out of town or planning a vacation, you can pause the subscription accordingly and we will resume supply automatically on set date.

Change: Guest arriving or dining out, you can add or reduce the quantity as you need and the changed quantity will be delivered to you on the next delivery scheduled for you.

Usage: You can check your consumption, your subscription balance and make payments on the go. Completely hassle-free.

Note: Only customers will be able to access the portal or app. Login will be generated once you subscribe to us.

Milk is man made and Paal is cow made

There are tons of differences when you compare Paal with a packet milk. Raw, unprocessed, farm fresh milk outweighs processed milk in many ways. Check out the difference for yourself.

Fat Standardized Full Fat
Milk Processing Pasteurized & Homogenized No Processing
Doorstep Delivery NA/Available with additional cost Free
By-Products(with 1 Litre/Day/Month) Less/No Butter Production 450 gms of Butter
Content Mix of both cow and buffalo milk, milk powder Exclusively cow's milk
Preservatives Added to increase the shelf life No Preservatives
Biodiverse Probiotics Destroyed Active
Enzymes Inhibited Active
Lactase Producing Bacteria Inhibited Active
B-12 Binding Protein Inhibited Active
Bio-Available Vitamins & Calcium Inactive Active
Bifidus Factor Inactive Active
Packaging Non Biodegradable Recyclable glass bottles
Milk source Varied Sources Only from our farms
Complaints or care You are on your own Dedicated team available 24/7

Frequently Asked Questions

We produce milk from our own dairy farm and our co-managed farms. We don’t believe in just procuring milk from random sources and supply it to our customers. We individually monitor all the cows and their health status.

The milk you get from Paal will never undergo any process nor adulteration. We follow best practices of dairy farming. Cow wellbeing is given the utmost priority.

Apart from this, we have strict standards on the following

Artificial growth hormones: Our cows were never given any hormonal injections to increase the milk yield.

No antibiotics or steroids: Our cows are not given steroids and antibiotics (exceptional cases may occur where the ailment is serious, but milk will not be used for the supply untill the milk-withdrawal period is over).

No stress on the lactating cows: The cows become stressful when the calf is separated. We let the calf suckle the cow to make sure the cow and calf can create the bond. The cows are given the utmost care to make sure they don’t get any kind of health issues and provide ample fresh drinking water and feed to make them feel stress-free. Additionally, we provide them with cooling systems to fight heat stress.

No preservatives and adulterants: The milk obtained from the cows is unadulterated and does not have any preservatives (such as formalin), which is widely used by local dairy vendors as well as branded milk.

The milk you get from Paal is always raw, fresh and natural.

Yes, we have acquired a certificate from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. It is renewed every year as per the standard provided by FSSAI. Our license number: 22419015000299.

The thinness/thickness of the milk depends upon various factors such as feed intake of the previous day, weather and temperature issues, etc.. The consistency is bound to change as the milk we supply doesn’t undergo any additional process. We promise that our milk has no adulterant to make it thin/thick.

Most milk available in the market today are sourced from unknown sources. The milk will be collected in collection centers and are subjected to processing to skim the fat or adulteration to increase the shelf life of the milk. In our market, the value for the sourced milk is calculated based on Fat % and SNF (Solids Not Fat )%. This leads the dairy farmers to either mix buffalo milk or Skimmed Milk Powder to meet the standard to get better pricing. And then the milk will be processed in centralized units which will take at least 3-4 days to reach your home from the day of milking.

In Paal, we deliver the milk within a few hours of milking without any processing or adulterating the milk to get increased Fat and SNF. We just deliver the milk which we get from the cows on the same day. No storing or processing.

Additional to this, the milk is produced from our own farm and our co-managed farms which give us the control over the quality of the milk from well-maintained cows.

You can contact us directly to try the sample milk. If you are satisfied with the milk you can subscribe to a monthly/yearly subscription.

There are two options to subscribe, yearly or monthly.

Please contact our customer support to understand which fits you better.

Customer Support : 82 20 30 20 20

Yes, once you become a customer of Paal, you will be given access to the Paal app (both mobile and web). Here you can manage your subscription. It can be used to cancel or modify your daily milk supply.

You can download the App from the Google Play store or use this web page to manage and get complete visibility of your subscription.

Yes, you will have complete control over your subscription. You can use the app/webpage to add or cancel your milk requirement on the previous day.

Alternatively, you can WhatsApp/call our customer support number to make the changes. Our customer support number: 82 20 30 20 20.

Most milch cattle give milk which contains both A1 & A2 protein, but to what percentage, we cannot commit. It can be in any proportion for a given cow i.e. 50/50, 60/40, 70/30 or vice-versa and so on…

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